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Choose appropriate porch screen 4 The big reason


King kong net production experience

Focus jin-gang yu network research and development for many years、Production,King kong net style。Have more advanced machinery and equipment with large production capacity。The same quality products、The price is more reasonable!

Adhere to independent research and development production

From the select high-quality raw materials to kong network products,One-stop production。Has professional scale、Larger production capacity of the production line。All factory kong net products are pass strict inspection,Ensure the quality of each batch of king kong network product。

High performance\/price ratio, and the supplier

Factory direct shipment,Save a lot of dealer's profit in the middle。Strictly in accordance with the requirements of company select high-quality kong network of raw materials。Have their own long-term customers,To maintain close communication。

With perfect service system

Has a perfect pre-sale、Sale、After-sales service system。The detailed tracking of the service our factory shipment of each batch orders。365×24Hours of professional customer service online。
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Hengshui appropriate hin metal products co., LTD is located in hebei province,Investment100Ten thousand yuan in new king kong net weaving and coating equipment,Fall in love in wire drawing、Spinning a web、Flat screen、Plastic spraying, which integrates kong networkB2CModel manufacturers。Anpingxian kong mesh wire drawing, mesh factory is located in China“Silk screen of the township”Hebei anpingxian。The environment is exquisite、The transportation is convenient、Is a collection research and development,Design,Production,The sale in a body's modernized enterprise。My company's main products are various specifications of the stainless steel king kong network products,With exquisite technology,First-class quality,Reasonable prices create brand。

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